The first issue of the Journal “Urologiia” was published in March of 1923 thank to the efforts of S.P. Fedorova and P.M. Fronshtein.

The first editorial board members of the Journal were: S.P. Fedorov, R.M.Fronshtein and B.N. Kholtsov.

The editor-in-chief was R.M. Fronshtein

In 1931 A.B. Topchan was introduced to the editorial board and in 1936 after S.P. Fedorova’s death – Y.G. Gotlib. In period 1923–1925 10 issues of the Journal were published, which amounted to two volumes.

During fledging years the Journal had small volume (several issues contained about 3 printed sheets), issued 4 times a year with an edition of a 500–1000 copies. In 1928–1930 Journal's circulation reached 1500 and to 1941 – 2000 copies.

In 1941 after publication the second issue, the edition of the Journal was discontinued due the Second World War.

During this period were published 62 separate issues with 763 articles, 43 scientific meeting reports, 23 monograph and textbook reviews.

In 1954 Ministry of Health of USSR took a decision to renew the Journal’s edition, A.Y. Pytel was appointed as an editor-in-chief.

A.Y. Abramyan, V.I. Vorobtsov, A.M. Gasparyan, A.A. Pomerantsev, A.B. Topchan, A.P. Frumkin and A.P.Tsulukidze joined the editorial board.

In 1955 and 1956 the Journal issued , as earlier, 4 times a year, since 1957 – 6 times a year, bimonthly. In 1961, the issue №5 contained the first national research review (A.Y. Pitel and N.A. Lopatkin) on using hemodialyzer in clinical practice.

The issue №1 in 1963 contained the article of A.Y. Pitel and N.A. Lopatkina “About diagnosis of constrictive lesion of renal artery leading to hypertonia”, and in the issue №1 in 1965 same authors showed affinity of arterial hypertension with nephroptosis in the article “Nephroptosis and arterial hypertension”

In 1965 the Journal (№ 1) changed its name to “Urology and Nephrology”.

In 1967 in the issue №5 of “Urology and Nephrorogy” was published the first national research review on human cadaver kidney transplantation (N.A. Lopatkin, U.M. Lopukhin, U.A. Pitel, I.N. Kuchinskiy, O.I.Vyazova, V.P. Kozlov).

Since 1976 the editor-in-chief of the Journal was N.A. Lopatkin.

In 1998 was returned the initial name “Urologiia”.

U.G. Alyaev has been heading the Journal since 2013.


The Journal is in the List of the leading scientific journals and publications of the Supreme Examination Board.

The journal «Urologiia» is cited and indexed: Medline, Scopus, EBSCO.

Scientific peer-reviewed medical journal.

Complete versions of all issues are published –

Mass media registration certificate: ПИ № ФС77-39548, date 23.04.2010

ISSN 1728-2985, ISSN 2414-9020 Online

Periodicity - 6 issues per year.

Russian Sitation Index (SCIENCE INDEX): Impact-factor (RCI-2013) 0,615.
2-year RSCI impact factor – 0,618
5-year RSCI impact factor – 0,577
10-year Hirsch index - 15

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