Therapy of rapid ejaculation using drug NeyroDoz: results of a multicenter non-randomized clinical study

A.A. Kamalov, I.A. Aboyan, M.E. Sitdykova, A.Yu. Tsukanov, O.V. Teodorovich, V.L. Medvedev, B.K. Komyakov, V.N. Zhuravlev, A.I. Novikov, A.A. Yerkovich, D.A. Okhobotov, V.K. Karpov, A.Yu. Zubkov

1Urology and Andrology Department of Faculty of Fundamental Medicine of M.V.Lomonosov MSU, Moscow; (head – corresponding member of RAMS, professor, MD, Kamalov A.A.); 2Clinicodiagnostic Center “Zdorovye”, Rostov-on-Don, (medical chief officer – professor, MD – Aboyan I.A.); 3Urology Department of Kazan SMU (head - MD, professor, Sitdykova M.E.); 4Surgical Pathology and Urology Department of Omsk SMA (head – MD, professor, PoluektovV.L.); 5Endoscopic-urology Department of RMAPS (head – professor, MD, Teodorovich O.V.); 6Urology Department of Krasnodar SMU (head – professor, MD, Medvedev V.L.); 7Urology Department State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training North-West State Medical University named after I.M.Mechnikov, Saint-Petersburg (head – professor, MD, Komyakov B.K.); 8Urology Department of Ural SMA (head – professor, MD, Zhuravlev V.N.); 9Urology Department of Novosibirsk SMU (head – MD, professor, Erkovich A.A.)
The main aim of the study was to determine the effectiveness of a multicomponent dietary supplement NeyroDoz in patients with rapid ejaculation. We examined 50 patients with rapid ejaculation (premature ejaculation), who were recruited in 9 clinical centers in different regions of Russia. These patients received NeyroDoz, 2 capsules twice a day for one month, followed by a control observation for 1 month. In study group of patients, symptomatic improvement was achieved in 45 (90%) of 50 patients at 4-week observation target date. In assessing the impact of NeyroDoz on different groups of symptoms, it was found that it significantly increases the average time of sexual intercourse by 2 times, increases the orgasm brightness, reduces the severity of psychosomatic component and has a positive effect on all components of the copulative cycle. In assessing the afterimpression, this effect was maintained throughout the period of follow-up.

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